Don’t Forget Outdoors in Your Home Renovation

One of the biggest things homeowners overlook during home renovation is the exterior. You may look at your kitchen counter tops or your living room flooring and go, “These need changing.” However, homeowners often tend to let the outdoor spaces remain as they were.

So, step back and look at what needs remodeling in your outdoor space.

Read on to learn why renovating your outdoor areas is just as important for your home.


Home Renovation for Outdoor Spaces

Overhauling your home’s exterior increases the curb appeal and its resale value. Once you get done with your interior remodeling, reflect on how you want to project the outdoors. Even small changes can add to your home’s overall appeal. In spite of these changes, try not to go overboard with the details. Either way, hire a professional rather than handling the renovation by yourself. While hiring a contractor, check if they have certifications from the National Association of Home Builders.

Another key point in home renovation is maintenance. Sprinklers, water pipes or faucets are crucial in the maintenance of your home. It is also important to clean the foliage and traces of clutter and crowding.

The outdoors is a great space to hang out with family and friends. Equally important is to keep them tidy and clean all the time. Clearing out debris regularly keeps the gutters clean and free from damage.

Below are some things which you can add to make your outdoor space look as enticing as your interiors:


Landscaping and Water Feature

You can achieve an inviting look for your home with attractive landscaping. Cozy and tidy exteriors can be more welcoming than hidden backyards. You can add a pond for a smaller backyard, or if the space permits install a pool pavilion. A peaceful pond or a tiny water feature can make any boring backyard come alive.

Having your own pool lets you make memories with your family. Moreover, a pool pavilion provides shade and keeps the surroundings cool in hotter months.


“Add a dramatic focal point that can drastically change the outdoor ambiance.”


Gazebo and Pergola

A great garden looks incomplete with no place to sit. Tuck in a little bench where you can lounge and enjoy the view. Simply add a gazebo or a pergola that suits the style of your home. Try to integrate these elements into your outdoor space. Furthermore, stay away from things which distract your view from the home.

Regardless, the goal of remodeling your exterior is to complement the whole home. With proper lighting or drapes, it becomes a cozy nook where your family can spend quiet evenings.

Patio and Porch

Although these two are different, a porch and a patio can both connect the exterior to the interior. Adding an elevated deck makes the view of your backyard more appealing. With suitable outdoor furniture, a porch can be a welcome space where you chill out with your coffee. Hang out with your friends as you take in the beautiful sights around you.


Summer Kitchen and Bar

How can you forget about your dining experience while entertaining? You may have made room additions to your home, but you shouldn’t overlook an outdoor kitchen. Install a modern kitchen with a grill for your summer brunches. Your friends will be thrilled if you get a refrigerator and a custom bar. These not only add a touch of class to your deck, but you also spend more evenings at home.

“Brighten up your evening dinners or parties by adding subdued lighting.”

Garage and Fence

In most homes, garages look plain and boring. Even though it is part of the outdoors, many homeowners neglect how the garage looks. Often used for storage purposes, garages can get cramped and cluttered. You can add some DIY finishing touches to make the garage more striking. Sometimes, changing the door or paint can make a world of difference.

Similarly, your fence need not be in the boring run-of-the-mill style. You can actually get creative and recycle old stuff to make your fence beautiful. A well-planned fence not only looks stunning, but also offers the needed privacy for your home.

Most careers have people cooped up in closed spaces throughout the day. On the other hand, your home is a place where you relax and have fun. Open spaces let you connect with nature and receive more Vitamin D. Extending your outdoor space is also a great way to increase the number of potential buyers when you sell your home.

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