Home Renovation on a Budget

home renovation

The very thought of home renovation makes you happy. However, most people are wary to spend much, as they like to keep their renovation on a budget. However, if you start the remodel without proper planning, the final bill could be much more to handle. Plan your budget alongside your remodel to make sure everything is accounted for.

Having said that, it is possible to renovate your home on a budget.

Keep reading about the best tips to cut down on your remodeling costs.

home renovation

home renovationRenovating Your Home on a Budget

Have a Realistic Plan

More often than not, people set their budgets too low. Although you are trying to stay within your budget, you shouldn’t go too low. Cutting costs can also lead to hiring a contractor that cuts corners and uses low quality materials.

Some people want to completely handle the project by themselves from beginning to end. While DIY works well for smaller projects, make sure you hire a professional remodeler for major renovations since a proper plan with all elements of design and execution are well-managed by a team. They have the knowledge and expertise of managing your project start-to-finish.

Also, be honest about how much you are willing to pay and in which areas you can save money. Be prepared with a realistic plan for your expenses. Ask your remodeling contractor about how much the remodeling costs are for exactly what you want.

Plan for Add-Ons

Have some wiggle room in your budget, say around 10% of the whole cost. However tight your plan is, you may want some upgrades during the project. These unforeseen expenses may be due to maintenance issues or changes in your vision.

For example, you may want neutral colors, or modern cabinetry over the selected traditional silver-tone fixtures. Or you may decide to even get your kid’s room done in the middle of project.

Whatever it is, plan for all these before you start the project and the installation team shows up.

Understand Design Challengeshome renovation

Once you have a specific idea of what you need, contact experienced contractors. You might have to go through a few recommendations to understand your vision and see if the plan fits into your budget.

You may be recommended to use a smooth, marble tiled backsplash which means easy clean-up after splatters. Light installations around the counter area provides great light for food preparations. You may like dual sinks to maximize your bathroom utilization or get extra storage with better counter height cabinetry.

If your plan isn’t very specific, the contractors can help fill in those gaps with a customized design.

home renovation

home renovationFind the Right Contractor

While working within a budget, be specific about how you want the final look to be. Only then can your contractor get a realistic estimate on your final bill. Make up your mind about what materials you wish to use in which rooms, or if you want to change the current layout.

Beware of sketchy contractors who over-promise and under-deliver.

You need to do a lot of research, apart from getting referrals. Go through the company website and check out the testimonials and have a look at their previous work. See if the company is registered with the Better Business Bureau.

“Do your research, get referrals, and beware of shady contractors.”

Changing your vision as the project is under way only adds to the costs. Moreover, you’ll lose control of your priorities.

Under these circumstances, set aside your newer ideas as a different project altogether. Take some time to properly plan for the later project the same way you did with this one.

Select What’s Best Suited for Spacehome renovation

Budget renovation doesn’t mean cheap – in fact, it is all about saving money on remodeling. With a proper plan on what suits your space, you can have your dream design for your home. All selection of materials, fixtures, and other elements can be done without burning a hole through your pocket.

“Even little changes make for a great transformation in your home.”

Additionally, you can cut costs by doing the following:

DIY – If you are good at do-it-yourself projects, it is time you make use of those. It doesn’t have to be a huge project; it could be things like changing the wallpaper or painting the walls. You could also use wicker baskets as storage containers in bathrooms. Though it is not much, you can save the labor costs on these. However, you can’t anticipate problems of budget, materials, or space allocation on your own. A seasoned contractor can help professionally.

Materials – You don’t need to use the same material for everything. Try to mix high end and low end materials for your project. Also, you can reuse materials from other projects or use Habitat for Humanity Restores.

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home renovation

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