Your living space is where you spend the most time in your home. Whether you relax in the dining room, den, living room, office, or anywhere in your house, it’s hard to spend time in a room you don’t absolutely love. These spaces should provide the comfort for you to lie back and relax peacefully. Thankfully, Premier Remodeling can help you learn to love your home again with beautiful living space remodeling and renovation services in Houston. We do it all – closets, offices, living rooms, dens, dining rooms, staircases, and more! To get started, simply call us at 713-532-1100 to set up your fast in-home consultation immediately.

I would not want to have done it with anyone other.

Thanks to Premier Remodeling for seeing us through the remodeling effort. I would not want to have done it with anyone other than you.
breakfast area

Breakfast Areas

Many people spend lots of time with their family and friends during meals, especially breakfast and dinner. Getting everybody together before moving on with the day can be tough, but remodeling your breakfast area to fit your needs is a great solution. Premier Remodeling can design a breakfast nook or eating area that accommodates each family member or guest in a way that looks absolutely stunning. You don’t have to eat in a cramped, less-than-ideal space in your home. Let Premier Remodeling design a gorgeous breakfast area to accommodate you and your loved ones in style.

rustic staricase with piano underneath


Staircases are often the first thing guests see when they walk inside of a home. For many, it’s the focal point of their house’s living space. First impressions matter – and your staircase gives guests that first impression of your home. So let it be more than just a good impression. Let Premier Remodeling craft a magnificent staircase for you that will leave your guests in awe.

For a grand entryway that will wow your guests, a staircase remodel is a perfect choice. We have numerous beautiful styles to choose from. Accent your home with a gorgeous staircase and instantly create an elegant, refined look.

You’ll have to consider the flooring options – wood, carpet, etc. – as well as the railings and colors. You want a staircase that stands out but isn’t mismatched with your living space colors and design. Make sure to think about windows, decorative accents, color, material type, and other factors before making your final decision. Premier Remodeling ensures you will love what we create for you.

remodeled dining room

Dining Rooms

Family get-togethers often happen in the dining room. Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, and all the holiday meals usually happen in this living space. Don’t let your family share a meal in a drab dining room! Premier Remodeling can design stunning dining room remodels that will even leave Grandma with her jaw dropped. Share a meal with family in a room you can be proud of.

spacious white closet


Your closet is where you go to hang your hat – literally! The team at Premier Remodeling knows how irritating a closet can be if it isn’t designed with your best interest in mind. Organization is the key to having a closet that makes it easy to get ready for the day (or night out!). With a closet remodel from Premier Remodeling, you can get out the door much faster because everything in your closet will have a proper place. Premier will design a closet that has a place for everything you own – including those pairs of shoes! Accent your closet with storage areas, hanging rods, closet systems, seating, and more. The sky’s the limit. Premier Remodeling can design the closet of your dreams – all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at 713-532-1100.