How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular projects when renovating a home. According to a trend study by Houzz, homeowners tend to renovate their kitchen for better sinks, cabinets and countertops. Many homeowners are also opting for a more open feel for their kitchens. Whether you want to fit in a few new cabinets or change the overhaul for better functionality, knowing the costs involved can be helpful. What is the Average Cost of Kitchen Remodeling? The cost involved Read More

3 Ways to Dispose of Kitchen Remodeling Waste

kitchen remodeling, houston kitchen remodeling

Did you know that construction waste accounts to one-third of all refuse in the U.S.? When you take up a kitchen remodeling or renovation project, there is a lot of waste that gets accumulated at your house. While you’re thinking about fixtures, paint colors and cabinet designs, you might not realize how much waste gets collected over time. Such projects can lead to a lot of waste that you have to dispose correctly. Unable to clear waste can also result Read More

Kitchen Remodeling: Where to Begin

kitchen remodeling, houston kitchen remodeling

You’ve been saving images of dreamy kitchens on Pinterest boards for almost a year now! It’s time to finally take the leap and begin your kitchen remodeling project. As the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, it can be overwhelming to renovate. Some homeowners start by changing their appliances, others take down a few walls. Yet, if you want a good outcome of your Houston kitchen remodeling, you need to follow a systematic plan. Let’s Read More

Will Kitchen Remodeling Add Value to My Home?

kitchen remodeling, houston kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling not only breathes new life into your existing space, but also adds value.  You may or may not have the budget to remodel an entire home, and may just like to focus on one important space: the kitchen. A kitchen is the heart and soul of a family. According to a recent realtor survey, nearly 69% of the home buyers agreed to pay more for a remodeled kitchen. This also means that the average ROI of kitchen remodeling Read More

10 Amazing Outdoor Space Remodeling Ideas

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Turn your outdoor space into an extension of your home with a little TLC. An outdoor space remodeling project will not only give you more room to kick back and relax, but it’s also a great way to increase the value of your home. Let these 10 amazing outdoor space remodeling ideas inspire you to spruce up your space for a personal outdoor oasis. Create Your Outdoor Oasis   10 Gorgeous Outdoor Space Remodeling Ideas 1. Build (or Rehab) a Read More

Is It Time for Room Addition in Houston?

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As your family grows you may think, “I wish I had more space to store all my things.”   If you can’t afford a bigger house, don’t worry. A room addition to your existing property in Houston is the perfect solution.   A room addition is a smart way to spend less, live more, and invest in your future. You can say goodbye to the hassle of packing and relocating to a new neighborhood with Premier Remodeling’s services. Add space Read More

Outdoor Space Remodeling Made Easy

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Considering outdoor space remodeling? Having your own home is one of the greatest parts of life, especially if you own a home with some outdoor space. You can get that summer tan, enjoy a brisk autumn day with a cup of tea, or host BBQ parties with your friends and family. The opportunities outdoor spaces present are almost endless. And according to Realtor Magazine, the trend of outdoor living spaces is spreading widely in 2018. Do you already have an Read More

20 Ways to Save Money on Home Remodeling Costs

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Home remodeling has been on your mind lately, especially since you found another crack in the kitchen tile. As you daydream about what your kitchen could look like, you start to think about ways to save. “Home remodeling is nice and all, but I’m not looking to break the bank.” Read below to find 20 ways to save on your home remodeling costs. Are You Considering Home Remodeling? 1. Do Your Research One of the best things you can do to Read More

DIY Vs Professional Remodeling

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You just got home from a hard day when you see it: another crack in the bathroom wall. As you inspect the new crack you start to wonder, “Is it finally time for professional remodeling? Or could I just DIY it?” If you’ve been thinking about remodeling and want to know if you can do it yourself, read on to learn what to consider when deciding between professional remodeling and DIY. Are You Considering a Remodel? There are plenty of things Read More

What to Ask a Remodeling Contractor Before Hiring

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You walk into your kitchen to use your built-in microwave when you notice the #1 button is not working. As you manually punch in the time you want, you start to take in the rest of your kitchen. Floor tile that looks dirty despite being recently mopped, stained countertops that look long past their prime and many other unpleasantries that are screaming remodeling contractor.  “Maybe it’s time I finally get this kitchen redone,” you think, “I certainly have the budget for it.” Read More