Red Flags: How to Avoid a Bad Houston Remodeler

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You’ve been wanting to hire a Houston remodeler for some time now. Your bathroom could use some work and you think you’re ready to get it renovated. But as you start to plan out what could become your new oasis you wonder, “How do I avoid a bad Houston remodeler? Would I be able to spot a bad Houston contractor if I saw one?” If you’re wanting to get your home remodeled, read on to learn how to avoid hiring a bad Read More

Should I Remodel My Home or Just Move?

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You’re sitting in your living room on a relaxing Saturday enjoying some music when your spouse comes out the bathroom and says, “Found another crack in the shower tile.” You sigh. Another thing wrong with your home. You know you love it, but some days you have to wonder, “should we remodel or move?” If this sounds like something you’re wrestling with, read on to see the things homeowners like yourself should consider when thinking about remodeling vs moving. Can’t Decide If Read More

Common Kitchen Renovation Layouts

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Kitchen renovation is both exciting and stressful. You want something that’s functional, yet stylish enough to grace the pages of your favorite magazine. It can be a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to deciding which layout will work with your family and style. Read on to see the common types of kitchen layouts and what might be best for your kitchen renovation. Are You Considering a Kitchen Renovation? The best part of galleys is that you don’t have to do Read More

6 Chores You May Be Doing Wrong

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Ah, home remodeling. After many years of planning, you finally have that Instagram-worthy bathroom and kitchen. Premier Remodeling designed everything the way you wanted it and it looks absolutely gorgeous. You wish it would stay brand new forever. Unfortunately, life happens. You hosted family, cooked tasty meals, and enjoyed your new dual shower heads. So how do you keep your home remodel looking pristine? Read on to see what household chores you may be doing wrong. Are You Thinking About Remodeling Your Home? Putting Read More

Is Your Contractor a Storm Chaser?

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Is your Houston Area Remodeling Contractor a storm chaser? Storm chasers are bad news for your home; they often leave jobs unfinished, overcharge you, or do such terrible work it needs to be completely redone. Read on to learn four surefire ways to catch a “storm chaser” contractor and what a reputable Houston area remodeling contractor will do instead. Do you need a Houston Remodeling Contractor? We understand. You love your home and want life to be normal again. What Are Storm Chasers? Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Houston – Tips You’ll Love

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10 Great Bathroom Remodeling Tips! Before you pull out your sledgehammer and begin remodeling your bathroom, wait a minute! You’re going to need to do some research, whether you love DIY or you’re looking for a trustworthy, reputable Houston area remodeling contractor like Premier Remodeling. And remember, remodeling your bathroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. Bathrooms happen to be one of the most private spaces in our homes. Most people tend Read More

Kitchen Upgrades to Complete Your Kitchen Remodel

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Your kitchen remodel isn’t complete without these awesome kitchen upgrades. Check them out, talk to your remodeling contractor about any other ideas you might have, and get ready for a gorgeous, functional kitchen you’ll love. Schedule an In-Home Design Consultation Add Some Pizzazz With New Cabinet Knobs or Drawer Pulls Head to any local craft or hobby store, and you can find cabinet knobs and drawer pulls! They come in tons of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, so it isn’t Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Build Your Oasis

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Bathroom remodeling is the key to creating your perfect in-home oasis. You should walk into your bathroom and feel calm, happy, and relaxed. If that’s not the case, bathroom remodeling can help you get the bathroom that’s perfect for your needs and offers you an in-home relaxation station. Here are some tips on how to make your bathroom feel more serene. DIY or Buy a Bathtub Tray Also known as Bathtub Caddies, these trays are placed across your bathtub after Read More

Houston Home Remodeling Simplified in 3 Easy Steps

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Due to the devastation caused by Harvey, Houston home remodeling is on the rise. Now, more than ever, Houstonians are taking this opportunity to live out their HGTV dreams. But like all dreams, there is a cost to achieve it. Renovations often require plenty of time, money, and can cause lots of stress. If you’re looking to make some new changes to your residential property, these things will make the process easy for you. Get a Stress-Free Remodeling Consultation Start Read More

5 Easy Steps for a Beautiful Kitchen Renovation

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Whether you’ve lived in your house for 20 years or just bought your first home, you may be in a situation where it’s time for a kitchen renovation. Many people assume that updating or remodeling your kitchen is a complicated and costly process, but that doesn’t have to be true. With the steps we’ve outlined below and Premier Remodeling by your side, you’ll be on your way to a simple and beautiful kitchen remodel in no time! Get Started With Read More