modern kitchen cabinets

How to Choose the Perfect Cabinets for Your Houston Kitchen Remodeling

Cabinets are a useful upgrade for storage improvement during your Houston kitchen remodeling project.

For one, you’re happy that all your kitchen goods finally have a place.

Even better, these storage spaces are strategically placed, so finding your stuff just where you’ll be needing it gets easier.

So, how do you plan for all the essential kitchen cabinet features? What makes them magical in your new kitchen? Let’s find out.

modern kitchen cabinets

Types of Cabinets

Cabinets are the ultimate flexible storage devices that come in many types:

  • Base – Under-the-counter base cabinets come with a toe kick. It sits as a notch-shaped recess on the bottom of the cabinet. The base allows you to stand next to the cabinet without stubbing your toes. As a useful feature, you can use the counter top without leaning over. Thus, it improves balance and reduces fatigue.
  • Wall-Mounted – Instead of the traditional side opening cabinets, opt for a front opening wall-mounted one. They are ergonomic and utilize your space effectively.
  • Tall – These standalone cabinets are ideal for pantry and broom storage. Their floor-to-ceiling height makes them a perfect storage solution in your kitchen.
  • Specialty Units – These customized units help to maximize the square footage in your Houston kitchen remodeling effort. Think bottle racks, corner cabinets or sink fronts, appliance garages, and suspended units.

Quality Grade

Once you select the type of cabinet in your Houston kitchen remodel, the next step is to choose the quality grade. Based on the quality of construction, the four standard categories include:

  • Ready-to-assemble – They are available in home stores and only need assembly. Choose full-depth cabinets for 25% more storage space compared to half-depth shelves.
  • Stock – Contractors will construct the size-specific cabinets on site from modular units. They are an attractive and affordable style option without sacrificing quality.
  • Semi-Custom – They offer more styles, features, and options than stock cabinets. Alter them for more depth or add decorative enhancements to complement your design.
  • Custom – These cabinets are the most diverse in style, functionality, and accessories. You can order one-of-a-kind cabinets to suit your unique space. Not to mention, you can opt for hand-built cabinets from skilled artisans.

With the type and quality grade covered, it’s now time for the fun part of the kitchen. It’s time to choose the styling, finishes, and features for your perfect kitchen.

wooden kitchen cabinets

Buying a new cabinet, re-facing existing ones, or switching out doors for a new look? Cabinet doors play a significant role in your Houston kitchen remodeling project. After all, they are the real face of your cabinet system.

Some common door styles include:

  • Slab-style cabinet doors for a modern and frameless design
  • The shaker-style door in a natural wood finish for a clean and elegant style
  • A traditional cathedral top for a high-value door
  • Glass doors to display your best cutlery
blue kitchen cabinets

Colors and Finishes

You can either choose one solid color for your Houston kitchen remodeling project or opt for a two-toned trendy look. For instance, use a solid base color for the cabinets and a contrast for the island. There are a lot of ways to get creative here.

Black cabinets in your bathroom upgrades add a bold look, while red promotes passion, energy, and drama. You can even mix and match complementary colors, along with floors, hardware, and counter tops.

The style you choose will determine the finish. For instance, high gloss finish suits a contemporary modern look. Matte is perfect for a subtle look. Semi-gloss is more traditional and has lots of options in design and colors.

“Resurfacing your cabinets costs 20% of what an entire replacement would cost.”

Open Shelving

Open shelving offers an accessible and convenient storage solution. It extends a casual style to modern kitchens. Likewise, open shelves expand storage compared to framed cabinet boxes.

If you’re not sure whether you can keep the open shelves neat and tidy, consider a combination. Along with traditional shelves, use a few open ones. Consider hanging shelves for storage in a blank space without compromising the view.

open shelving

”Choose shelves that are three-quarter inch plywood. With thinner particle boards, there is a chance of sagging when you store heavy cookware.”


Certain cabinet features can increase the initial investment cost. However, they make your life easier for many years to come.  For example, touch-to-open doors cut the hassles of cleaning cabinet handles.

Usually, pull-out storage reduces body strain and eliminates dead space. Also, built-in charging points for your electronics keeps your kitchen clean and wire-free.

A pull-out trash can is also a great idea. Another key point is a well-lit cabinet for a visual appeal and ease of storage.

“Use eco-friendly materials to contribute towards a healthy home, family, and environment.”

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