Is Floor Heating in Bathrooms Worth It?

Is Floor Heating in Bathrooms Worth It?

When you’re opting for Houston bathroom remodeling, it’s natural to consider the various options to upgrade your space. Homeowners consider the latest technologies and modern innovations, as they can deliver better comfort, efficient living, and a relaxing environment.

In recent times, floor heating, also known as radiant floor heating, has become a popular remodeling option. Yet, due to the high costs involved in the upgrade, homeowners often ask – is it really worth it?

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Key Advantages of Floor Heating

One of the greatest pros of installing radiant floors is the immense property value appreciation.

Let’s say you’re planning to sell your home during the winter. When prospective buyers visit your bathroom and notice the cold floors, it can be a potential problem.

On the contrary, consider a prospective family visiting your home and stepping on heated floors. It will instantly be a success and may lean them towards the sale.

More Comfort

If the aim of your Houston bathroom remodeling project is to embrace comfort and convenience for your loved ones, heated floors can be a great choice.

They keep you warmer than air-heating systems. Plus, when your feet are warm, the entire body tends to stay warm.

Likewise, you have the advantage of setting the temperature lower than forced air heating systems, thus reducing your monthly energy bills, too.

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“Compared to forced air-heating systems, electric floor heating systems are 25% more efficient.”

Added Flexibility

Manufacturers give you a thermostat and a timer when you buy radiant floor heating systems. You have the option to set the timer for when you’d like to heat the floors.

For instance, you can set the timer from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. as that may be the time everyone tends to shower or bathe.

You can also set it for one hour in the evening when you return from work to relax and unwind.

Simple Installation

When you work with a trusted Houston bathroom remodeling contractor, you can look forward to easy and fast installation. The contractor will send the template of your bathroom floor to the manufacturer. Next, the company will send the electric mat fit to size. An electrician can install the mat, followed by the contractor laying the tiles or marble. For the electric current, you will need a 20-amp circuit of 110 volts.

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No Maintenance, No Noise

When you opt for an electric floor-heating solution, you can look forward to zero maintenance.

“In fact, some manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty on floor heating, as there is rarely any setback.”

In case there is damage to the cable, experts use a thermal imaging camera to identify the problem and conduct the repairs. Note that this benefit isn’t available for a hydraulic heating system.

Another great advantage is zero noise. If you like your home to be silent and enjoy the peace, radiant floor heating systems are super quiet. Unlike forced air-heating systems that make a loud furnace noise, you won’t hear a thing when you switch these on.

Value for Money

For most homeowners, the thought of heated floors seems like a luxury they can live without. Hence, many times, customers pass on the opportunity to install radiant floor heating during their remodels. Yet, when you consider the costs versus the advantages and value boost, it can actually be an affordable solution.

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“The cost estimation is from $10 to $20 per square feet in most cases. The total installation without tiling usually costs around $1,500.”

Think of all the times in winter when you’ll step on heated floors and pamper yourself to comfortable baths! It is definitely a worthwhile investment if you have the budget.

Costs to Run Heated Floors

The operating costs depend on electricity costs in your area, but in most cases, it costs only pennies to run the system per day.

On average, most of us are in the bathroom only for one or two hours a day. Yet, even if you heat the bathroom for four hours per day, the costs are manageable.

At $0.11 per day, $3.30 per month and $40.15 per year, heating your bathroom isn’t a big expense!”

Comfortable & Luxurious Houston Bathroom Remodeling with Premier Remodeling

At Premier Remodeling, when our customers opt for a Houston bathroom remodeling, we often recommend floor heating systems. They offer ultimate design freedom, state-of-the-art safety features, and maximum ROI.

Our professional contractors will answer all your questions related to these heating systems and help you choose the right option for your bathrooms.

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