How to Make Your Bathroom Work for You

How to Make Your Bathroom Work for You

Even though bathrooms are compact areas in a home, Houston bathroom remodeling can be a challenging task.

For instance, you need to address plumbing, electrical, tiles, cabinets, counters, and more within a hundred square feet or less. Not to mention, if you’re opting for new-age bathrooms, you might want to include extras like audio and video features or heated floors, too! Plus, you have to make it all work for your family and their needs.

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“On average, Houston bathroom remodeling costs $10,000, whereas a full-scale high-end renovation can cost around $20,000. You can expect a 70% ROI when you sell your home.”

Let There Be Lighting

You don’t want to end up with a Houston bathroom remodeling without new light fixtures. Plan your lighting in advance so you can run new cables beforehand. You can opt for recessed lighting over the shower for a well-lit bathing environment.

Choose LED lights so you can save on your energy bills in the future. You can also program the LED lights to change colors for mood lighting.

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Green is Good

When you’re remodeling, consider adding some greens to your bathroom for a fresh and relaxing time. You can add a row of succulents behind your bathroom or on the window sill.

If you’d like to bring in some more color, orchids can be an excellent option. Bamboo plants work great too! In case you don’t want plants, you can also add frames or posters of green spaces or choose some striking green elements to create a natural look.

Music Mania

When the budget isn’t a concern, you can go all out with the latest tech-savvy gadgets in your bathroom. These include in-built speakers in mirrors, shower head speakers, and so much more. You can even fix a screen to watch the news or your favorite sports when you take a relaxing bath. Music can be therapeutically magical to help you unwind after a busy day at work.

“Love to sing in the shower? Add waterproof Bluetooth speakers in your bathroom!”

Smart Storage

The best way to make an upgrade with Houston bathroom remodeling is to ensure ample of storage. Yet, you don’t want your bathroom to look cluttered with cabinets. Consider opting for counters and vanity that seem to float. When you want to add some style to your storage, choose brass accents to infuse warmth and color. Plus, metal finishes are trendy this season and luckily, they never go out of style! You can also add ample shelf storage above your tub so that it’s always easy to grab a towel after a mesmerizing bath!

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Maintenance Matters

The best way to ensure a happy and healthy bathroom is to keep it clean and safe. For this, you need to choose materials that reduce your cleaning efforts and yet deliver a visually striking room. Integrated sinks are one such option that is fit into the bathroom counter using the same materials.

Since they create a seamless look, dirt and water don’t get stuck around the sink. Similarly, instead of marble counters, quartz is a material with lower maintenance hassles. When choosing faucets, opt for quality that will last a lifetime to reduce replacement costs.

Lastly, if you’re going for a shower instead of a tub, you can select anti-spotting agents for your glass doors to keep them clean and reduce water spots.

Splurge on Something

It’s natural to want to cut down costs during your Houston bathroom remodeling project. Yet, you should pick one feature or accessory where you can splurge and not feel guilty about it. It can be a high-tech plumbing feature, a heated towel rack, a customized vanity top, or some artistic element such as a painted mosaic seat that doubles as furniture.

You can make this special feature the central focus of your bathroom or be glad that you invested in something that’s important to you!

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Counter Tops Cheat Sheet

Natural stone is a good option for homeowners who are opting for a high-end bathroom. It offers natural beauty and is stain- and scratch-resistant, too. However, it needs regular sealing and can show stains of water and oil if not cleaned from time to time.

If you have a unique shaped counter top, a resin-based seamless piece comes in various colors and needs no sealing. When you’re remodeling on a tight budget, consider laminate, as it’s affordable and stain- and scratch-resistant. However, you can’t opt for under-mount sinks in this case.

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