Tips to Upgrade Small Spaces

You’ve always wanted to upgrade small spaces... Especially since your home is really small. It’s not that you’re unhappy with your small home, you love your small home When you first spotted it with your spouse you couldn’t stop gushing about how cozy it was.

It wasn’t until you moved in that you realized cozy meant no space. So if you want to learn how to upgrade small spaces, read on.


Hanging mugs frees up space and keeps them close for when you need coffee fast.


Murphy Desks

One way you can upgrade small spaces is to use a Murphy desk. Like a Murphy bed, a Murphy desk can be folded up when not in use. It’s a perfect way to have an office when you need it and space for other things when you’re done.

The best part is that it can help you emotionally.

If you do work at home it can be hard to have a clear separation of work life and home life. You could be done with work for the day, but because the work space is there in your home, you might not feel done. You might even check your office email after hours because it’s close by.

With a Murphy desk, you can stow the laptop and fold up the desk to give your brain a mental break from work. That way, you’re not compelled to handle work issues when you’re finished for the day. Wayfair has many folding desks to choose from.

Hanging Mugs

Do you have a small kitchen? Tiny kitchens can be cute, but tough to work in. This is notably true with storage space.

So how can you upgrade small spaces in your kitchen without taking up much-needed cabinets? Try hanging them under the cabinets! It frees up the counters and keeps them close by when you need a jolt of java.


Window Shelves

If you’ve got a small living room but still need shelves for books/movies, try using the sill as a shelf. You could even install extra rows of shelves for more storage. If you’re wondering how everything will be kept together, take a look at all the bookends Amazon has to offer.

Console the Sofa

Sofas are great. If you’re feeling like a night of watching classic movies, it’s got your back. If you’re feeling under the weather and need a place to rest with Netflix, it’s got you covered.

The uses of a sofa are endless. But sometimes, no matter how great they seem to be, they can take up the room. So how can you keep the sofa you love and add a bit more table space?

Consider a console table. You can stick behind the sofa and line it with candles, extra speakers, or whatever you want to keep handy.


Storage Ottoman

Speaking of the sofa, no sofa is complete without blankets. Not having a blanket for when you’re enjoying a movie or book can put a whole new meaning to the word chill.

So what do you when you want to store blankets and have a coffee table, too? Get a storage ottoman.

With a storage ottoman, you can use the service of it for popcorn and drinks while using the inside to store blankets. it’s a perfect way to upgrade small spaces to have what you want. Plus, since it’s an ottoman, you can use it as a footrest, too!


Built-in bookshelves are a simple way to add shelves without adding to your budget.


Built-In Bookshelves

Let’s say you’re getting your bedroom remodeled. There’s just one problem: You have no room in the budget to expand and you need bookshelves. One way to solve this problem is to add built-in bookshelves. It’s a simple way to upgrade small spaces without adding to your budget. Plus, since it’s a shelf it can store anything you need. Books, extra pillows and blankets, or candles.

Storage Bed

One way to upgrade small spaces is to use a storage bed. With a storage bed you could store extra blankets, sheets, and anything else you might need for a bed.

Or, imagine this: Your in-laws have shown up at your door without warning. Normally you’d make sure the guest bed had everything before they came, but because they came unannounced, there’s no time to prepare. You’re about to go into panic mode when you remember that the guest room has a storage bed. It already has everything they need for a good night’s sleep!


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