Home Renovation for Dummies

So, you’ve finally decided to kick-start your home renovation project. You’ve been putting it off for quite awhile, but now it feels like the right time. However, you’re clueless on things you should consider while planning for your dream home.

Well, for starters, you need to have a clear vision of what you want and how to get it done.

This is especially important for someone who is totally new to remodeling.

Read on as we help find answers to all your doubts.


How Can I Plan a Home Renovation on Budget?

The first thing to consider is your budget. You could have an interesting vision for the remodel, but make sure it fits your budget. Get realistic and plan accordingly.

When you take estimates from a professional, they might promise you everything you want within your budget. If the costs they quote are too good to be true and you start to doubt if the quality will suffer, trust your gut.

Although it is definitely possible to work within your budget, make sure that you don’t end up with sub-par work. Some contractors who offer very low prices also offer very low quality by cutting corners throughout the project. For this reason, find the right remodeler for your dream project.

How to Create a Remodeling Plan

When you go for a partial or complete home remodel, you already have an idea of what goes and what stays. Find out what are things not working for you in your home and in what ways you can better them.

Changing the layout completely also adds new appeal to your home.


Check out Houzz.com for home renovation ideas.

Most people who go for kitchen remodeling get a new and better sink, counter tops, or cabinets. You can gather some ideas and get inspiration from the latest interior designing trends. Some good platforms to learn about home improvement are websites like Houzz or Pinterest

Making the plans for remodel also means having clarity about what style and materials you want to use. Hire a remodeler who can assess which materials you can use for your specific needs.

How Much Does Remodeling Cost?

Again, it depends on your remodeling budget. If there is some demolition that needs to happen, the overall price will lessen if you do it by yourself. However, be aware of the health and injury risks to DIY. If you need to install electric wires or do some plumbing, it costs more. In many cases, you might need to tear down the walls and build them back up.

“While looking for a remodeler, don’t just go by referrals; do your research.”

Some people insist on handling a part of the remodeling themselves, but it will be too risky in the long run. Let a professional remodeler handle it from beginning to the end. Though a complete kitchen remodeling costs around $50,000, the resale value of your home shoots up. You can get this amount back easily.


How to Make My Home Energy Efficient

You might not have to make drastic changes, but even little things can add up to make your home energy efficient. If you are renovating your bathroom, try to get better solutions by which you can conserve water. Similarly, get non-toxic paints for your home.

In kitchen or basement remodeling, take extra care to control moisture problems. Focus on improving the indoor air quality.

How to Remodel the Outdoor Space

Renovating the outdoor spaces enhances your home’s curb appeal. Potted plants, bold colored doors and unique walkways make your home stand out. You can turn an old tool shed into a greenhouse,which you can use to connect with nature.

Your home reflects your personality – make sure you project it properly.”

Similarly, add an outdoor patio with a bar, a gazebo or a pergola for when you are entertaining. If the space permits, add a pool or even a small pond with a beautiful rock garden. Any kind of water feature livens up your backyard.

How to Cope During a Remodel

There is no doubt that you need to make changes in your daily routine. Moreover, if you have ordered specialty items or need custom designs, it will take more time. You need to prepare yourself for that delay, too.

Though you are beautifying a part of your home, there will be dust and dirt entering the other parts. For one thing, make sure the crew clean the space everyday. This way, you can avoid damaging the furniture and appliances in other areas. Cover the entryways and close off the areas where the work is going on. This is why you need a professional who is competent and has the expertise to handle every type of remodeling.


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