10 Amazing Outdoor Space Remodeling Ideas

Turn your outdoor space into an extension of your home with a little TLC. An outdoor space remodeling project will not only give you more room to kick back and relax, but it’s also a great way to increase the value of your home. Let these 10 amazing outdoor space remodeling ideas inspire you to spruce up your space for a personal outdoor oasis.

10 Gorgeous Outdoor Space Remodeling Ideas

1. Build (or Rehab) a Deck

Outdoor decks can elevate a basic backyard and turn it into a go-to spot for entertaining. Plus, a nice deck can help create a more natural transition from inside to out.


2. Make a Splash

Turn up the summer fun and beat the heat by adding some waterworks to your outdoor space. Though a pool can be a big outdoor space remodeling project to take on, it can easily become the centerpiece of summer memories and family fun. Plus, pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find a pool that suits your property and your budget.


3. Create a Peaceful Pond

If a pool is a bit too much to take on, a pond might be a better outdoor space remodeling solution. Ponds can take a bland backyard to breathtaking when they’re done right. And they are a great spot to relax and destress after a long day.


4. Add a Pergola

If your backyard is lacking in the tree department, add in some serious shade with a stylish pergola. Drape vines, lights, or even curtains over the top for an effortlessly chic spot for entertaining friends and family.


5.Cozy up by the Fire

Add some warmth to the yard with your next outdoor space remodeling project. Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to be a summer-only pastime. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can extend the outdoor fun into fall and early spring.


6. Set Up a Summer Kitchen

Bring the indoors out with a modern summer kitchen. Equipping your outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen is as impressive as it is convenient for holiday grill-outs.


7. Build a Bar

A custom bar can add some sophistication to your outdoor space. And depending on the size and materials you choose, it can easily be an affordable outdoor space remodeling project.


8. Go With a Greenhouse

A greenhouse isn’t just for gardening enthusiasts. A spacious one can be turned into an outdoor sleeping area or a party pavilion to enjoy the sunshine year-round.


9. Spruce Up Your Siding

Kill two birds with one stone by swapping out your siding. Fresh siding can really brighten up your outdoor space and create a lovely backdrop to your backyard.


10. Fix Up the Fence

Take your fence from basic to beautiful for your next outdoor space remodeling project. A good fence adds both beauty and privacy to your home.


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