Is It Time for Room Addition in Houston?

room addition in houston
As your family grows you may think, “I wish I had more space to store all my things.”
If you can’t afford a bigger house, don’t worry. A room addition to your existing property in Houston is the perfect solution.
A room addition is a smart way to spend less, live more, and invest in your future. You can say goodbye to the hassle of packing and relocating to a new neighborhood with Premier Remodeling’s services. Add space and value to your home in Houston with our room addition services.
The rule of thumb for room addition is to ensure your home is within 200 square feet of the average size of other homes in your neighborhood. Avoid overbuilding to make efficient use of funds for remodeling and renovations.
Let us help you decide on how to get started on a room addition project.
 room addition, Houston room addition

1. Repair Any Damage

Your property can develop weak points and seepage stains when exposed to inclement weather. Go ahead and strengthen the foundation of your home if you see cracks or falling fixtures. A water damaged ceiling also looks ugly. Take the help of experts at Premier Remodeling who can renovate and redesign your room when you need it.

2. Create Functional Spaces

Create functional spaces for efficient use of your floor plan and square footage. You can add a new room above the garage to use it as a home office. Or redecorate your attic to create an extra room. Or partition the attic space to develop a systematic storage area.
Build an extended kitchen islandroom addition, Houston room addition that doubles as dining to save the space that requires a separate dining room.
In other ways, you can think about creating multipurpose rooms for a family time like : game nights or entertaining. Add extra cubicles to the bedroom, utility room, and entryway to store personal gear and little embellishments.
Convert your basement into a home gym. Install an indoor pool. Whatever you need, the possibilities are endless. At Premier Remodeling, we help you design your space to meet your requirements and your comfort.

3. Grow Your Family


As your family grows and evolves, your need for space also changes. 

Add room for the new baby or a nursery if you are expecting. Give your teenage children their own private space with extra bedrooms on the second addition, Houston room addition
You can enlarge your existing area with a room addition to cater to extra storage and entertaining. Or build a larger kitchen and living room to seat everyone and host parties.
An increase in the number of family members always calls for more space. It could be either a returning member or aging parents that need you. Mother-In-Law suites are a popular choice among our clients seeking room addition projects.
room addition, Houston room addition

4. Save Time in the Mornings

Parents of teenage children and multi-generation families vouch for the importance of an extra bathroom when everyone is rushing to get ready for work and school in the mornings. Having an extra shower or two can make all the difference.

5. Revamp Your Home With a New Lookroom addition

Our homes need makeovers as well. If you have the funds to spare and desire to live in luxury, you can treat yourself and revamp your living space with Premier Remodeling services.
Surprise your partner with a larger master suite and en-suite master bath. Gift yourself that extravagant man’s cave you have always wanted. Invest in a bigger garage to care for all your favorite toys.
Enjoy that splendid view with an enclosed patio or a sun-room. Get a new and cozy fireplace to keep you warm on those winter nights. Make dressing up fun with organized and spacious walk-in-closets.
Houston is famous for its rich southern hospitality, so why not get a larger living room to host all your family and happy family room additionfriends?


6. Invest in Your Home for Value Addition

With a slump in property rates, it is logical to invest smaller sums in your home. You can avoid the headache of packing, moving, and relocating by spending only a fraction of your budget on remodeling.

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room addition, Houston room addition
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