Top 25 Home Renovation Blogs You Should Be Following

Planning a home renovation is no easy feat. And with so much information on the internet, it becomes even more difficult to filter out the relevant and authentic content. To help you out, we have put together this list of the best home renovation blogs online.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, DIY ideas, or unique solutions to common issues, the below content offers great advice, tips, and designs. Not to mention these blogs are written by professional builders and renovation experts to the DIY fixer-uppers and handy homeowners.

Read on to uncover the 25 best home renovation blogs you should be following.


25 Home Renovation Blogs You Need to Follow


1. Remodelista

From an amateur to a professional, the Remodelista blog has something for everyone. That is to say you will find useful guides on every aspect of your home renovation under the Remodeling 101. Certainly you will also find inspiring ideas and latest trends under the Get Inspired section on this blog.

2. Ask the Builder

Tim Carter at Ask the Builder is an expert at practical advice. The blog offers ‘how-to’ tutorials, tool reviews, checklists and tips. As with the step-wise procedure and details, they are both very useful to renovate you home all on your own.

3. Houzz

Houzz is a goldmine for inspiration and home renovation ideas. From furniture and fittings to materials and trends, you’ll find all the information you need on one website. In this case your can customize the projects and designs to match your needs and viola! Your masterpiece will be ready in no time.

5. Family Handyman

Family Handyman takes a simplistic DIY approach to every project. It has step-wise tutorials, video instructions, and how-to guides. You too can take charge of your renovation because of the detailed material checklists, cost sheets, and expert advice on it.

6. Bob Vila

Bob Vila is a powerhouse when it comes to ‘how-to’ guides. The information is very extensive. It especially has descriptive instructions on how to ace every aspect of every renovation project.

7. Ugly Duckling House

The Ugly Duckling House scripts an inspiring remodeling blog for any DIY enthusiast. Markedly the home tours give comprehensive information on complete house projects. You’ll also find renovation tutorials, DIY ideas, and information on woodworking.

8. Centsational Style

If you’re in need of remodeling ideas on a budget, Centsational Style is the perfect blog for you. On the flipside it also curates aesthetic styles and inspiring ideas for a magnificent remodeling experience. And it doesn’t even put a strain on your pocket.

9.The DIY Bungalow

The mantra at The DIY Bungalow is merging the old and new to make a house a home. Notably it is all about DIY home renovations. From simple decorating tips to complex power tool wielding projects, they’ve got all your remodeling needs covered.

10. Grandma’s House DIY

Put together by a self-confessed DIY fanatic, Grandma’s House DIY blog is an inspiration. It chronicles the story of a 100-year-old home renovation in progress. You can learn how to add character to your renovation without losing the old charm of your architecture.

11. Emily Henderson

Author, stylist and TV host, Emily Henderson runs a remodeling blog that offers inspiration for every room. You’ll find inspiration in the before and after pictures from the house tours and the many tips on remodeling your homes.

12. Newly Woodwards

If you like DIY, you’ll definitely love the Newly Woodwards blog. It started as a blog profiling the journey of couple’s first home renovation. With crafts and DIY décor, it offers a unique blend of minimalism and budget home remodeling.

13. Home Design Key

A hub for DIY décor projects, the blog at Home Design Key will help you decorate and furnish your home even after the renovations. It’ll also inspire you to think creatively. Whether it’s the bathroom fittings or the flooring in the living room, design is the key!

14. Building Modern

Building Modern focuses on renovating old homes with DIY repairs and updates. Their step by step pictures of renovation are truly inspiring. Check it out for remodeling ideas to achieve that modern look.

15. Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations blog has complete remodeling projects from start to finish. It has an aesthetic website filled with inspiring photos, DIY hacks and lots of tips. It’s sure to give you inventive remodeling ideas.

16. Love & Renovations

As the name suggests, Love & Renovations blog celebrates a love for DIY projects with visual stories. You’ll find inspiring content, interesting remodels and great ideas for your home renovation.

17. Renovation Angel

Renovation Angel blog follows a unique concept to “renovate responsibly.” That’s because the Angels support various charities and believe in recycling materials from old kitchens. You, too, can donate your old appliances and buy new ones at budget prices.

18. Morse Constructions

Morse Constructions serves as an exhaustive information center on home renovations. Furthermore, the blog supports decision-making by providing useful insights on trade-offs, trends, space, and materials.

19. Young House Love

It’s filled with tips and practical advice for you to choose from. Young House Love compiles additional information from renovations and DIY home projects to create a fun and interesting blog.

19. Young House Love

It’s filled with tips and practical advice for you to choose from. Young House Love compiles additional information from renovations and DIY home projects to create a fun and interesting blog.

20. Hammerzone

Project after project, the blog at Hammerzone is a DIY enthusiast’s haven. The detailed content provides actionable tips on how to take on your own home renovation.

21. This Old House

From how-to videos to DIY smarts, This Old House is a one-of-a-kind blog. It gives practical solutions on just about any home renovation project. You are sure to get inspired with their Pro2Pro advice.

22. Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen & Bath focuses on every aspect of the two most important rooms in a home: the kitchen and the bathroom. Not only do they help you decide whether it’s time for a renovation, but the website also offers exhaustive tips on how to finish these rooms the right way.

23. The Kitchen Master

Unlike the name, The Kitchen Master details the look, design and remodeling of every room in your home. In particular it is a mine filled with ideas and trends for your home renovation.


24. Peak Construction

From decks to garages and kitchens to roofing, the Peak Construction blog covers every corner of your home renovation. Similarly you’ll find great tips and concise information for projects around the house.

25. My House Design Build

Home renovation designs and builds come together at My House Design Build.  More so, the information and ideas are circumspect in every aspect of remodeling.

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