Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Pure Indulgence with Bold Black Bathrooms

Many homeowners in Houston are getting bold with their choices. Gone are the days of neutral colors or simple white bathrooms. In fact, modern families love the dark, sultry look of black bathrooms.

Not to mention, these bathrooms take indulgence and high-end luxury to an entirely new level. You can opt for black tiles, a black vanity, or even a black bathtub for an experiential space.

Unlimited Pampering with Spa Bathrooms

The luxuries of a spa aren’t limited to your monthly spa visits or vacations anymore. Fortunately, many bathroom brands are introducing features that help homeowners bring spa-like comfort into their home.

With so much pampering, you can escape reality and unwind from your busy and daily hassles in the comfort of your home.


“Consider a bathtub that’s inspired by Japanese hot springs. Complete it with a waterfall system, chromotherapy lighting and some candles by your side.”


An Artistic Appeal with Statement Bathrooms

Since we focus on adding beauty to all our rooms, why not consider infusing some character into the bathrooms, too? Think of adding a focal point art piece that adds charm to your space.

Add some color and texture, and play with different sizes of artwork or frames and mats to make a huge impact. Also, since moisture is inevitable in the bathroom, refrain from hanging priceless art. Instead, opt for posters and prints to inject personality into your bathroom.

Step into Luxury with Floor-Focused Bathrooms

Floors are often understated in bathrooms. If you’re looking for a unique Houston bathroom remodeling, think about eclectic flooring. Match it with a monochromatic palette for the cabinets and tile walls.

You can opt for graphic patterns, geometric designs or even something abstract to add visual drama to your floors. A great idea to enrich the look is by embracing metallic fixtures like a gold sink fitting or knobs.

Save Water & Energy with Sustainable Bathrooms

Today, you can opt for shower heads, faucets and toilets that are water-efficient and greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Together with LED fixtures, you can even reduce your energy bills and contribute towards a greener planet.

You can also opt for a faucet with an aerator to save water. This can reduce your sink’s water consumption by almost 30 percent.


“Many water-efficient toilets use only 1.28 gallons per flush, saving almost 16,000 gallons of water in a four-person family and more than $100 per year.”


Celebrate Style & Innovation with Tech-Savvy Bathrooms

Your Houston bathroom remodeling project is a great time to bring the latest technologies into your bathroom.

Cool tech like mirrors with built-in LED lights, automatic temperature regulators, motion-detecting faucets, mirror touchscreens, and speaker shower heads are irresistible for the tech-savvy population.

You can also indulge in a high-tech toilet with all the latest features to make your friends and family jealous!

Embrace Nature with Wood-Infused Bathrooms

If you’d like to set the tone of a warm and neutral feeling in your private space, wood can be your best friend.

Though wood may not be the first choice considering bathrooms are a wet room, many people are choosing furniture pieces of wood to add an element of natural beauty. Instead of tiles, you can also choose a hardwood floor for a relaxing atmosphere.

Contrary to popular belief, wood can actually absorb moisture, thus being a great option for your bathrooms. The only maintenance concern is that you need to wipe down excess water to prevent deterioration over time.


Experience Outstanding Bathrooms with Premier Remodeling

As leading remodeling experts, Premier Remodeling and Construction offers a complete bathroom makeover, within your budgets and timelines. Pick from a wide range of beautiful flooring, interior design options, gorgeous countertops, efficient cabinets and more. Our process is cost-effective, simple, and stress-free. Not to mention, we offer free Kohler bath fixtures with every Houston bathroom remodeling project.

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