Protecting Your Home During Houston Kitchen Remodeling

Houston kitchen remodeling. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do and now, you can! You couldn’t be more excited. But as look around you’re soon to be updated kitchen you wonder, “How can I protect the rest of my house? Getting a new kitchen is great, but what if everything else gets dirty in the process?”

If you’ve always wanted to remodel your Houston Kitchen but want everything else in your home protected, read on.

Remove everything off the countertops to make remodeling easier.


Remove Everything

Do you remove everything from the countertops before you clean? Of course, you do! You know the only way to completely clean the flat areas of your kitchen is to remove everything.

The same goes for kitchen remodeling. This means removing everything on the countertops – from the coffee maker you use in the AM to the container of kitchen tools you use in the PM.

Doing this does two things: First, it makes demoing your kitchen a lot easier. Second, it keeps your appliances clean and protected during the remodel.

Are you going to keep your fridge and stove? As we have probably talked about before, keeping working appliances is a great way to save money.

So if you have a large appliance that you’d like to keep, cover it up. Even if you don’t think it needs a cover, cover it. Dust and debris can easily get into the nooks and crannies of your stove and it’d be a shame to ruin it by not covering them.

If you’re unsure how best to do that, talk to your contractor. They should be able to tell you how best to cover and if they’ll do that for you.

Cover. Cover. Cover


Close Off the Area

One of the best ways to protect your home during a kitchen remodel is to close off the area. This means using a clear plastic sheet or other protection in the doorways.

The sheet should be set up so your contractor and their team can come and go from the kitchen with ease. Typically, contractors will bring this themselves, but make sure to ask!

If you’re still uneasy about dust and dirt flying out even with plastic sheets, we don’t blame you. To be extra sure the remodeling dust stays in the kitchen, cover the furniture near the kitchen. This is best for homes with open concepts.

As always, you can ask your contractor if this extra step is needed.

Clear a pathway so you can easily get in and out of the construction area.

Make a Pathway

Is your kitchen near the front of the house? No one wants to have crud from the outside or construction area ruin your good floors. That’s why we suggest making a path.

Take any extra tarps or carpet scraps to cover the highly trafficked areas two and from your kitchen. You can remove them when construction has stopped for the day and put them back the next day.

“What if my kitchen is right off my bedroom?” Good question. While this seems tricky, you can still make a pathway from your bedroom to the rest of the house. That way, you won’t feel confined to one area your house during the remodel.


Ask About Cleanup

You might of asked about cleanup during your contractor interviews, but if you haven’t, ask now.

See how your contractor plans to handle their daily cleanup or even if they plan to clean up daily.

A great contractor will be in favor of daily cleanups for two reasons: 1) it will keep you happy; and 2) it will make remodeling your kitchen easier.

So be sure your contractor and their crew will sweep and dust each day. This will keep your kitchen primed and ready for the next remodeling step.

Open Windows

Have you ever clogged your mesh window screens with flour while baking? Try as you might, flour sure loves to get everywhere. Cleaning that out is never fun.

It’s the same with dust. So if you want to keep your mesh screens clean of debris, open them up.

Not only will this keep them like new, but it will also provide ventilation during the remodel.

Of course, you should keep your windows closed during rain and wind. But if it’s a clear day, keep those windows open to get fresh air and protect your mesh window screens.


Do you have a lot hardwood floors and food furniture? One of the best ways to protect them during a kitchen remodel is to vacuum before dusting.

Vacuuming before dusting prevents scratches and makes dusting everything later a lot easier. To best do this, use a soft bristle brush before dusting.

You can also ask your contractor if they’re willing to tackle this for you at the end of each day and the end of the remodel.

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