Houston Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget Tips

4. Find Professionals for the Job

Remodeling on a budget has been something you’ve always dreamed off. At first, it was just for fun-seeing what you could do with a limited budget. But as you look around your linoleum counters you know your poor kitchen needs an update.

That’s when you wonder, “How can I really remodel my kitchen on a budget?”

If you want to remodel your kitchen but have a tight budget, read on.


Tip 1: Plan Out What You Want

This might seem like common sense, but it can really save you time and money.

Imagine this a moment: You’re so excited about getting a new kitchen that you dive right in. Demo the space, gather materials and hire some help. But then, right in the middle of everything you realize your tile choice doesn’t work. Or maybe backsplash seems wrong. Now, deep into the remodel, you have demo everything again and start over.

This is why is so important to know what you want. Having a solid idea of what you want ensures you won’t need to make changes later

Tip 2: Repaint Cabinets

One way to remodel on a budget is to repaint the cabinets. While getting new cabinets is nice, of your current ones are workable they might just need a little paint. Not only would a coat of paint freshen up your kitchen’s look it also costs much less than new cabinets.

Tip 3: Stick with Stock

One of the best ways to save on your Houston kitchen remodel is to stick with stock. Custom cabinets look pretty, but unless you really feel the need for them, stock often does just fine.

Plus, with stock cabinets, there’s no waiting for them to be crafted because they already were.


Tip 4: Shop Around

This is probably the best tip for saving money. When you’re looking at materials to use in your kitchen it’s easy to assume the prices are universal. Why wouldn’t they be, right?

But if you take some time to shop around you’d see that the prices for a type of material are pretty varied.

Aimee Grove, a communications and marketing specialist in the San Francisco area, found this out when she was redoing her kitchen. According to an interview she did with U.S. News:

“The price of the marble they wanted varied from $80 to $13 per square foot, and the fabrication quotes ranged from $3,200 to $6,000. Quotes to paint their cabinets ranged from $1,500 to $7,000. Tile, both for flooring and backsplashes, can run $1 to $15 per square foot.”

Tip 5: DIY When You Can

Do you have a little remodeling experience? Maybe you’ve painted a few walls, or put up some tile? If you have, doing a small portion of the work yourself is a perfect way to save since you won’t need a whole crew for remodeling.

Note: While this is a money saver, it’s best to stick with what you know. Don’t attempt to remodel anything you haven’t already done yourself several times. This can lead to disaster!


Tip 6: Consider Used

Not all remodeling projects go well. Some just fall through. So why not pick up the scraps, literally? A lot of times countertop fabricators will have pre-cut countertops that didn’t get used. Because they know most people want a new slab, they’ll sell the pre-cuts for a cheaper price to unload them.

Another way to pick up the scraps is to use Habitat for Humanity Restores. They sell materials people have donated during their home remodels. Plus, because of the Restore’s donation criteria, most materials are like-new or unused.  It’s an easy way to get inexpensive materials and help a worthy cause.

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