Kitchen Remodeling: Where to Begin

You’ve been saving images of dreamy kitchens on Pinterest boards for almost a year now! It’s time to finally take the leap and begin your kitchen remodeling project.

As the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, it can be overwhelming to renovate. Some homeowners start by changing their appliances, others take down a few walls. Yet, if you want a good outcome of your Houston kitchen remodeling, you need to follow a systematic plan.

Let’s look at some key steps:


1. Consider Your Usage

Sure, magazine kitchens and Pinterest images are a reflection of your dreams. But they might not always be functional. Start by thinking how you use your kitchen.


  • how many people will cook and eat in the room?
  • how tall are the chefs?
  • are you a gourmet cook or a microwave mother?

Based on your needs, you’ll be able to understand your requirements for the remodel.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

Kitchen remodeling can be an expensive affair. Luckily, you can get almost 60-70% return on your investment. Still, you need to be aware of how much you can spend and where you need to save.

A realistic kitchen renovation budget is around 6 to 10% of your home’s value. Always keep an extra 10% aside for unplanned expenses. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, remember to opt for high-quality materials for long-term benefits.


3. Focus on the Layout

Although the layout may not be as fun as the design or the colors in a kitchen, it makes a lot of difference to the end result. If you can create the best layout, you will enjoy cooking more and also find your new kitchen much more functional and easy to use.

You can discuss with your partner on whether you should stick to the current layout or opt for a completely new one for better usage. Things like keeping more space for an extra cook, managing storage, ensuring natural light, etc. will elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality in the long term.

4. Find Professionals for the Job

Some home owners do consider opting for the DIY route, but it can be time-consuming and a safety hazard, too. Instead, choose a reliable contractor who can help you with space planning, budgets, shopping, and choosing fixtures and finishes to build your dream kitchen.

An experienced contractor will be able to discuss ideas with you and determine what works and what doesn’t. You can get estimates from a few companies and choose someone you’re comfortable with.


5. Think About Space & Safety

Your contractor will help you determine a layout that ensures safety in your kitchen, but it is your job to ensure that the design is convenient, too. Have ample counter space so that you can cook easily. Keep enough floor space in front of appliance doors so that you can open and walk in front of them.

Also, keep ample of walk-through space between your island and the counters. If you have young children, take them into account when planning the design of your kitchen. For example, merging the kitchen with adjoining rooms lets you stay in touch with your favorite peeps while cooking or cleaning up. or with an open floor plan, mom and dad can also keep an eye on the activities of their children in the backyard.

6. Don’t Forget the Ultimate Goal

Homeowners may find it difficult to picture the end result of Houston kitchen remodeling. Will the finished kitchen look good? How will all the things come together? Will it be worth the investment? Such questions may delay the process of renovation for many.

If you want to stick to your timelines of remodeling, it’s always best to remember your final goal. Maybe you want to sell your property in a few years. Perhaps you want accessible storage units. You’re looking for updated energy-efficient appliances. You’ve always wanted a sleek and modern kitchen in blue and white. Your friends would like a coffee and wine station where you can hang out! When you keep these things in mind, it becomes easier to get through the project.

No matter your aim for kitchen remodeling, Premier Remodeling experts can make your dream come true.


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