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4 DIY Outdoor Home Remodeling Ideas to Up Your Curb Appeal

Take your outdoor home remodeling to the next level. These genius tips and tricks increase your curb appeal like crazy!

Spruce Up Your Front Door – Outdoor Home Remodeling Hacks

Sometimes the easiest way to make sure your home makes a statement is working on the outside of it! Your front door is the gateway to your home – one of the first things a visitor sees when they arrive. Make sure it makes a good impression!

Your outdoor home remodeling deserves a door that is just as magnificent as the rest of the home. Make it stand out by painting it a bold color, like red or turquoise!

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Embellish Your Address

Street numbers can be hard to find sometimes. Make your address readable and easy to find by stenciling it either onto your front door or with a unique wall hanging. You can get creative here! Maybe install a planter by the door that you can paint your house number on – the possibilities are endless!

Beautify Your Mailbox

Is your mailbox rusted, old, and falling apart? Maybe it’s just an eyesore now. Beautify it instantly by adding a few easy DIY touches that won’t break the bank. You can even decorate the inside! Your outdoor home remodeling isn’t complete without a mailbox makeover!

decorated mail box
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Hide Your AC Unit

Unsightly air conditioning units can reduce your home’s curb appeal. Some HOAs will fine you if it is visible from the street as well. Take care of the ugly units by hiding them with pretty fencing. There are other creative ways to hide them – and trash cans, too – by using potted plants, outdoor decor, and even outdoor furniture like benches!

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