hurricane harvey

Rebuilding After Hurricane Harvey

We at Premier Remodeling & Construction share in the grief that has befallen our city, our community. It seems no one is untouched by loss to some degree after this horrific storm.

It is times like these that brings out the best in people, as witnessed by the heroic efforts of first responders and volunteers alike, rescuing our friends, families, neighbors and fellow Texans.

Unfortunately, it is also times like these that bring out the worst in some – the few that would take advantage of the desperate needs of those who have experienced loss and are extremely vulnerable.

The Greater Houston area will become a magnet for many contractors, some honest and some not. Some will be motivated by compassion to help and have honorable intentions while others will be motivated by a pursuit of personal gain at the expense of others.

The Texas Association of Builders has released some good information to enable those in need to be well-informed when choosing someone to assist them in rebuilding after a disaster, as well as avoiding the pitfalls of hiring the wrong contractor while trying to put your life back in order.

Here are a few important guidelines to help you select a competent builder or remodeler:  Source: Texas Association of Builders

  • Make sure the contractor has a permanent business location and a good reputation with a local bank and suppliers.
  • Find out how long they have been in the building business. You want to know that your contractor will be around after construction is complete to fulfill any warranty obligations.
  • Check with your local Better Business Bureau to learn if any complaints have been filed against your contractor.
  • Some Texas cities require that builders register and are bonded. Check with your city’s building permits department in this regard.
  • Ask for and verify references.
  • Enter into a complete and clearly written contract with your builder or remodeler.
  • Do not pay for the entire job up front or pay in cash. In fact, state law prohibits contractors in disaster areas from taking up front money unless they have held a physical business address in the county or adjacent county for at least one year.
  • Be cautious of unusually low-priced bids or a hard-sell to “sign today” for a low price.
  • Visit the online resources available to you on the Texas Association of Builders website: Consumer InformationLocal Home Builders AssociationsTAB Builder Member Directory.

We are here to help you with the repair and rebuilding process. Please do not hesitate to call on us when you’re ready to begin.

Best wishes to all in our community for a safe and speedy recovery,
The Premier Remodeling Team