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bathroom remodeling houston

We Make Bathroom Remodeling Easy, Affordable, and Beautiful

When considering bathroom remodeling in Houston, take a look around when you’re in your current bathroom. What does it say about you? Is it bright and welcoming? Is it a comforting oasis in which to take a bubble bath or a nice, hot shower? If not, Premier Remodeling can help your bathroom make the right impression, making you feel more at home. Updating your home’s bathrooms is about a lot more than just liking your home and keeping up with the Joneses, though. Bathroom renovations increase the overall value of your home. And it’s great value for your money; often bathroom renovations lead to more than 100-percent returns on your original investment!

Unlike kitchens, bathrooms are generally the most private spaces in our homes, for the most part. Nonetheless, expert bathroom remodeling in Houston is no less important to our customers than the way we do kitchen remodeling. Therefore, our approach is the same in that we tailor all bathroom renovations to fit the unique needs, tastes, and specific expectations of each of our unique clients. Your bathroom renovation is just that – your own. Premier Remodeling strives to give you an easy, convenient, and cost-efficient experience with the end result of a bathroom renovation you will love.

You’re Unique; Your Houston Bathroom Remodeling Experience Should Be, Too

Don’t worry about having to compromise. Premier Remodeling can offer you a bathroom remodeling experience in Houston that fits your style AND your budget. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to create. Your Houston bathroom remodeling project can have it all. We can work with you to design your bathroom renovation in any of the following styles and more:

  • an escape to paradise
  • an overseas vacation
  • dark and bold
  • shabby chic farmhouse
  • a romantic trip to Paris, France
  • a spa-quality, comforting feel
  • high-class glitz and glamor
  • pretty in pink
  • a stress-free Zen oasis
  • beach-front getaway
  • contemporary chic
  • modern and quirky

Premier Remodeling delivers results that go above and beyond your expectations. We do it all, from lighting and mirrors, sinks and faucets, to bathtubs, showers, and tile. Our dedicated team of professionals will help you achieve the bathroom renovation of your dreams.  We even give out free Kohler bath fixtures with every complete bathroom renovation!

Countertops, Cabinets, and Storage

bathroom remodeling houston

The first option customers generally want to discuss is updating their cabinets. There are tons of options out there – we assure you that you’ll find something you like. First of all, think about wood – do you like light or dark wood? Cherry or mahogany? Birch or maple? Each comes with a unique look you’ll love. You could also try glass or metal cabinets! It’s all up to you. With choices like these, you should definitely consider how you personally use your bathroom space. If you use it primarily as a relaxation spot, perhaps installing a linen tower or an area to put a TV or radio for soothing music would be a good idea. If you share your bathroom with a partner or family member, including “his” and “hers” spaces might be ideal.

Are you constantly looking for your stuff in your bathroom? It can be hard to stay organized when everything doesn’t have a proper place to go. If you don’t have the right amount or right type of storage capacity, it can leave your bathroom a mess. Maybe your counter is covered in hair products, soaps, and makeup, or your drawers are stuffed full of items with no rhyme or reason. Instead of pulling your hair out with frustration, call Premier Remodeling. Our Houston bathroom remodeling experts can design a clutter-free solution for your bathroom that will give you a place for every item. Bring your bathroom to its fullest potential with a bathroom renovation from Premier.

Extremely Well-Organized

It took us over two years to get up the courage to begin a remodeling project that involved an overhaul of our master bathroom after a very long and arduous project that had been completed several years earlier to remodel our kitchen. Rob was recommended to us by our interior designer. From the first time we met owner Rob Hellyer, we knew our bathroom and project were in great hands and we were right! Though we were prepared for another couple of months of problems, missed deadlines and re-work, this project turned out to be painless, extremely well-organized, and completed up to our high standards all due to Rob and the Premier team.
–Linda & Darrel H.

Flooringbathroom remodeling houston

Stepping into a bathroom with outdated tile can be an instant buzzkill. Premier Remodeling is pleased to offer you hundreds of choices when it comes to beautiful bathroom flooring. Choose from a huge selection of colors, patterns, and textures to design a bathroom you can be proud of.


That 1970s-style green on the walls just doesn’t have the same flair to it anymore. In fact, it doesn’t even match the rest of the house. You’re sick and tired of walking into a bathroom that brings you back to the ’70s. You want to live in the now! The paint colors need to be changed and freshened up, along with the rest of the bathroom. Nobody wants to spend time in a room they don’t like looking at. Turn that grimace into a smile. Choose Premier Remodeling – the bathroom remodeling experts in Houston who can update your bathroom the way you want it with colors you’ll smile at when you see them.

bathroom remodeling houston

Sinks, Tubs, and Showers

There are so many different ways to style your shower, tub, and sinks. Even sinks alone have tons of different styles to choose from:

  • Pedestal Sink
  • Free-Standing Vanities
  • Vessel Sink
  • Wall-Mounted Sink
  • Under-Mount Sink
  • Console Sink
  • Self-Mounted Sink

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