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Ask Your Houston Kitchen Contractor About Smart Kitchen Automation

Trends change, and any Houston kitchen contractor will tell you that kitchen remodeling trends are no exception. With today’s technology, smart kitchen automation is all the rage. Technology usage has been steadily growing in the kitchen over the past few years.

There’s so many options out there, whether you’re tech savvy or a total beginner. Kitchen technology can help you become a better cook, save money, prep meals, save time, brew coffee, remember your grocery list, and so much more!

Your Kitchen Just Got Smarter


With smartphones, computers, tablets, virtual assistants, and more, we are no strangers to technology in this day and age. As tech has advanced, it has made impacts on nearly every industry – health, food, transportation, education, and even kitchen remodeling! You can automate so many things in your kitchen nowadays.

Smart Coffee Maker

  • Set a timer for your coffee to be ready at a later time
  • Set an alarm that will brew coffee when you wake up in the morning
  • Start brewing coffee while away from home

This is not your regular coffee pot or Keurig. A smart coffee maker can be controlled through your smartphone via WiFi! You can start brewing coffee with the touch of button on your smartphone, meaning you can come home to fresh, steaming hot coffee easily! No more waiting for the coffee maker in the mornings – you can start brewing without even getting out of bed.

Smart Oven and Appliances

  • Start preheating from anywhere
  • Choose a recipe from built-in database for automatic preheating

If you ever worry that you’ve left the oven on, this is perfect for you. The days of rushing home to check the oven or stove are over. Instantly turn off, turn on, or preheat your oven using your smartphone. Using a smart oven such as LG’s Smart ThinQ allows you to set cooking time and temperature from anywhere, download recipes, and even get help with your grocery list!

cup of coffee with coffee beans on the side

Smart Refrigerator

  • Check your fridge’s contents remotely
  • Double check your grocery list
  • Request recipes based on the ingredients you have

Never forget your grocery list again! You can check what is in your fridge just by looking at an app on your phone. Grocery shopping is instantly easier with a smart fridge. Some models also allow you to request recipes based on what you have in your fridge. How cool is that? If you’re on a diet, they can even help you craft meal plans to stay on track.

Tools like the Eggminder make it easy to remember just how many eggs are left, too!

Smart Utensils

Okay, so this doesn’t apply to remodeling, but it is certainly cool!

  • Stabilizing technology for easier eating
  • Calorie trackers
  • Diet assistance

Yes, automation even extends to your forks, spoons, and knives! Elderly people and those who suffer from tremors and conditions like Parkinson’s don’t have to worry about losing their food with this smart utensil from LiftLabs. The unique design stabilizes the utensil no matter how much movement is occurring.

The Hapifork is a great way to stay on track with a diet. One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat slower, and this fork enables you to do just that. It senses when you’re eating too fast and instantly alerts you with vibrations and lights.

Discuss Smart Kitchen Automation with a Houston Kitchen Contractor Today!

It’s important to get to know your options. Houston kitchen contractors often hear homeowners say, “I didn’t even know that was an option!” after making a suggestion. This is why you should ask your contractor if he or she has any suggestions or ideas that you might not have thought of. They know the market very well and can give you new, exciting things to consider for your remodel.

Best of all, they can help turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Contact Premier Remodeling today for a quick and easy in-home consultation!